Help the Worlds Children

We are all hurting ... we all feel it.  But the children of poor nations are feeling it the most today.  The economic downturn has had a ripple effect across the world as charitable donations are down along with everything else.

If you can afford to give ... please do.  The current economic conditions mean less luxury for most of us ... but it means no food for everybody else.  We can all help if we give just a little bit in an effort to make it a safer, healthier place for the children of starving nations.

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Plan Canada

Plan Canada is dedicated to finding real solutions for children in 3rd world nations.  Over 25,000 children die each day due to disease and starvation ... and we can all help.  Donate a small amount to this charity to help affect real change ... today.

Editorial Review:

There are a million ways to spend money ... this is one of the best.  We think this is a great charity and have a committed a portion of our profits it's support.  Please do the same.