Green Tea

It seems like Green Tea has been the rage for decades now ... and in a way it has.  But recently it has really come on strong as a great way to lose weight, boost energy and detoxify the body.  Not a bad trio of side effects from a drink that has been consumed for thousands of years.

The fact that it has been a staple in Asia and elsewhere for literally generations brings some peace of mind to the safety aspect of these products.  It doesn't hurt that Hollywood has fallen in love with the health and weight benefits either.

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Wu Yi Green Tea

5 out of 5

Green tea has been a very popular and talked about health and weight loss item for years now.  This Wu Yi formulation holds quite a bit of promise with high purity and customer satisfaction.  In fact, the Wu Yi program is one of the MOST popular and utilized on the Internet.

The Wu Yi system boasts some pretty incredible weight loss testimonials and "before and after" examples.  What seems more impressive is the potential energy gains and other side benefits.

Editorial Review:

With the free trial ... this seems like a good option for those looking to get into a green tea program.

Green Tea Purity

4 out of 5

Green tea nutrients and power in a pill.  Rated with 5 stars from the National Nutracetical Board for "Supplement Quality", Green Tea Purity has proven benefits for weight loss and overall health benefits.

It also claims to help cleanse and detoxify your body and keep your colon healthy ... which boosts energy and general well being.

Editorial Review:

If you don't like to drink tea, or you would like the convenience of a pill over preparing the tea ... this is a good option for you.

Again, a free trial certainly helps in allowing you to "sample before buying"!