Acai Berry

This has been talked about by so many entertainers, celebrities and news outlets ... we're almost getting tired of hearing about.  One problem, though, it actually seems to work.

The Acai Berry is a very unique little piece of fruit.  Found if the forests of Brazil, it has real health benefits and has been shown to help real people lose real weight.

Not only that, but most formulations actually taste pretty fantastic as well!  So if you are looking for a great tasting health food that actually works, give it a try.

Offers related to this recommendation ...

Acai Berry Blast

5 out of 5

Acai Berry Blast is a unique formula that includes Acai Extract, Noni Extract, Resveratrol Extract and Gree Tea Extract.  This means it pretty much includes all of the "hot" weight loss and health ingredients on the market today.  It has been shown to be very powerful and helpful in helping people lose weight.

The manufacturer asserts that the average weight loss using this product 14.99 lbs in one study and 12.54 lbs in another ... not bad!

Editorial Review:

OK, so this is a VERY popular Acai option on the web right now. Our own research into the product bears out a lot of the promise of this specific formulation of Acai.

They are currently offering a free trial, definitely worth trying!

Acai Flush

4 out of 5

This pill form of Acai berry claims it will help you ...

  • Feel healthy and vibrant
  • Lose unwanted weight
  • Boost energy levels

Not a particularly unique formulation of Acai ... standard ingredients but in a very pure form.

Editorial Review:

They are currently offering a free tube of Acai Anti-Cellulite cream on top of a FREE TRIAL right now!  Not bad.  While this isn't a "Top Pick" ... we suggest you go for it anyway to get the freebie.  Definitely worth the nominal charge for shipping and handling.

Acai Ultimate

4 out of 5

Acai Ultimate is another pill form Acai extract product.  A good, solid formulation that is currently very popular on the Internet.

Editorial Review:

Not a bad choice ... and, again, a FREE TRIAL!